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REBAC Staff    Posted: 06/10/2019

When a garage door is located on the front side of a home, it has an enormous impact on curb appeal. A door that’s broken, dented, in need of repairs, or a fresh coat of paint, will drag down your home’s image, even if the rest of the exterior is pristine.

Perfectly manicured lawns, new windows, professional landscaping, and a freshly blacktopped driveway can’t overcome the detrimental impact of a marred garage door.

Fortunately, there are many excellent ways to remedy an ugly garage door situation.

First, however, make sure your garage door is in good working order. You can do a lot with a couple of coats of paint, but you have to start with a structurally sound and functioning door.

Supporting Cast

If the front of your home already includes a standout feature, like a beautiful entryway or an eye-catching front porch, it may be preferable to camouflage the garage door so that these features can take center stage. Cover the garage door in a neutral shade of paint that blends with or matches your home’s siding.

Color-coordinated garage door and siding

To zero in on the best color before heading to a paint store, take advantage of one of the augmented reality apps offered by paint companies, which lets you use your smartphone camera lens to preview various colors.  

A Matter of Style

If paint won’t do the trick and it’s time to replace your garage door, your toughest decision may be determining what looks best on your home.

If your house already reflects a distinctive architectural style, like English Tudor or Spanish stucco, it’s best to stay within those boundaries—although you still have considerable latitude to keep your door simple or go ornate.

On the other hand, if your home displays a more “generic” style, a statement garage door may be an excellent way to boost the overall image of the house. In this case, you also have numerous options.

Make a Statement

An otherwise “plain vanilla” exterior can become more dramatic with a fantastic garage door. If you want the garage door to become a focal point, you can achieve that goal by working with unusual materials, textures, and colors.

A coat of blue paint adds a splash of color to this one-car garage door

With hundreds of choices in garage door styles, it’s easy to be creative. Choose from modern, graphic-arts, country, minimal, classic, industrial, natural, or hand-hewn. The sky is the limit. Just be sure the style you select coordinates with the style of your home.

Material Matters

In terms of garage door construction material, steel and wood are two of the most common options, with important trade-off considerations.

Heavy gauge steel is durable and easily insulated, making it an excellent low-maintenance option for many homeowners. Insulation is especially important if you live in an area with extreme winter or summer temperatures and have interior access to your house through the garage.

One of the downsides of steel is that it can become dented if, for example, kids use the driveway to play ball or practice their hockey moves.

Luxurious wooden garage doors contrast beautifully with surrounding stone textures

Wood, on the other hand, is typically more aesthetically pleasing and incredibly sturdy. It does, however, require more routine maintenance. Newer composite options, made of wood fibers and synthetic resins, replicate the appearance of wood but entail less upkeep.

How Much Glass?

Windows improve the appearance of most garage doors and provide valuable light in otherwise dark garage interiors. They do, however, introduce additional considerations, in terms of privacy, security, and energy efficiency.

Limiting glass to the top panel will make it harder for prying eyes to view your garage’s contents. Frosted glass is another way to bring more light into your garage without compromising privacy. To maximize energy efficiency, opt for insulated thermal panes, especially if your garage is heated.

A contemporary home featuring a frosted-glass garage door.

Light It Up!

If you go the extra mile to make your garage door a focal point of the house, make sure your efforts don’t disappear once the sun goes down. Add downlights and sidelights to show off your style, enhance security, and eliminate dark shadowy corners.

More Tech Tools

To visualize how various garage door styles will look on your home, check out the design tools offered by major manufacturers like Clopay and Overhead Door.

Big box hardware retailers are also developing augmented reality applications that help you envision their products in your home. For example, the Menards’ app is currently limited to front entry doors, with plans to add design tools for garage doors, fencing, shutters, and more.

With thoughtful planning, your garage door can be an expression of your personality, it can advance the style and impact of your house, and it will be something you look forward to seeing every time you return home.

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In 2017, there were an estimated 1.4 million burglaries according to the FBI, and more than 2 in 3 break-ins occurred on residential properties. While the average damage is more than $2,400, the total impact of these crimes can go much deeper for the families who experience them.

People who endure a home invasion can find living with the incident stressful and traumatic. They may have trouble sleeping at night, difficulty functioning in their day to day, and according to some studies, may never feel totally comfortable in their home again.

For a more intimate look at home invasions, we surveyed over 990 people who experienced a break-in at least once. From installing security systems to bringing home a new dog, we wanted to know how people coped with life after a burglary. Read on as we explore how break-ins occur and their impact on victims.

Anatomy of a Home Invasion

These invasions aren’t always random. Analysis shows many break-ins are committed by someone who lives within two miles of the infiltrated property, meaning they can learn your habits and routine before attacking.

Thirty-nine percent of people who were victims of a break-in acknowledged the point of entry was a broken window, followed by 1 in 5 who said the burglar broke the front foot. Overwhelmingly, 77% of burglary victims admitted to not having a home security system at the time of their first break-in, and of the nearly 22% of people who did have a home security system, almost 47% said it wasn’t on at the time of the burglary.

Research conducted with convicted home invaders shows burglars typically avoid breaking into homes they consider more complicated and often flee when they hear an alarm go off. Similarly, while an active alarm system is likely to deter a break-in, so are big dogs that might be considered aggressive or likely to defend the home

Counting the Cost

What was their experience?

The likelihood of a repeat burglary may be higher than you expect. Once a burglar knows the layout of your home, where certain items or possessions are kept, and that you don’t have a home security system, they may be more enticed to come back. Studies suggest the highest risk of a repeat burglary is within the first week of the initial break-in.

Sixty-five percent of break-in victims were only broken into once at the time of our survey. Another 1 in 4 were burglarized twice, and nearly 1 in 10 experienced a break-in three or more times.

Home Security Regrets

Putting an alarm sign in your yard might deter some criminals – but experts say the sign alone isn’t sufficient to convince a burglar to pick a different property. Instead, the best defense is an active home security system. If you really want to compel criminals to avoid your home, you need an alarm system that will alert you and them of unwanted activity.

We found that more than half of people who were victims of a break-in wished they’d purchased a home security system before the incident. Another 41% regretted not installing security cameras, 222 and more than 1 in 4 wished they’d been more diligent in making sure all of their doors and windows were properly secured.

An Emotional Response

Lasting Effects

A major scare of any kind can trigger traumatic stress, and if your home has been broken into, feeling safe again might be a tall order. Even if you aren’t home during the incident, or don’t come into personal contact with the intruder, it’s still possible to experience a strong emotional reaction.

We found nearly 76% of women and 66% of men felt less safe in their home immediately after a break-in. Men were more likely to have feelings of anger and disgust, while women more commonly felt insecure, afraid, or helpless.

Responding to a Break-In

Forty percent of people purchased a home security system after a break-in. Home security systems were more common among people living in condos (43%) than those living in houses (nearly 41%) or apartments (almost 39%).

Homeowners, however, were more likely than others to ensure their doors and windows were sufficiently locked (44%), to hide their valuables (26%), install security cameras (29%), and buy a gun (20%).

Apartment owners may not be allowed to make certain changes depending on the specifics of their lease agreements, but those surveyed still made efforts to improve their safety after a break-in. Thirty-two percent of renters bought a safe after their first break-in and were more likely to move out of the area (22%) and engrave their valuables (11%) than those who lived in a house or condo.

Multipurpose Pets

Sure, a pet comes with plenty of responsibilities, and many pets require a time commitment. However, research shows pet owners get sick less often, tend to have better heart health, get more exercise, and are typically happier.

And as our survey found, nearly 34% of people got a pet for security purposes after having their home burglarized.

The most popular dog breeds for security were German shepherds (almost 41%), pit bulls (28%), and Australian shepherds (22%). Despite the stigma often associated with pit bulls and similar breeds, women were almost 34% more likely than men to get a pit bull.

Insider Perspective

It’s hard to imagine how you will feel after a break-in until it actually occurs. We asked survey respondents for their best advice on protecting your property and preventing the trauma of a break-in.

As you can see from their responses, the most common advice typically involved double-checking all of the doors and locks, including on the windows. Many also recommended getting a dog or a home security system to deter criminals.

Creating a Safe Environment

Home is supposed to be where the heart is – a place you can retreat to at the end of the day. Perhaps even more importantly, it’s supposed to make you feel safe from the moment you walk through the door. So it’s not uncommon to experience fear, helplessness, anger, and frustration when a break-in happens. While many people who experienced a break-in said they wished they’d been more involved in their home’s security, many failed to provide even the most basic level of protection: a home security system.

At Cove, we’re committed to security with no contracts, low costs, and professional-grade technology at DIY prices. With 24/7 professional monitoring and easy-to-use equipment, our lifetime warranty means you’ll have peace of mind when and where you need it. Protect your family and the things that matter most with Cove security. Visit us to learn more and secure your home today.


Methodology and Limitations

To get the data presented in the above study, a survey was run using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service. There were 993 respondents in total: 508 were men, 482 were women, and three identified as neither. 126 were baby boomers, 263 were from Generation X, 578 were millennials, and 26 were from generations outside those.

To qualify for this survey, respondents had to have experienced at least one break-in in either their childhood home or their current home. All data presented above rely on self-reporting, and there can be issues with self-reported data such as telescoping and exaggeration. To combat these issues, respondents had to answer an attention check to ensure they didn’t respond randomly. Respondents could select multiple options when asked about the point of entry for their first break-in, which is why the numbers for that section do not add up to 100%.

Fair Use Statement

Want to help protect your readers from the emotional trauma of a break-in? Help share our respondents’ advice and recommendations for any noncommercial use. Just don’t forget to include a link back to this page so that they can see our complete findings and survey results.

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 23 Skycrest Avenue, East Providence, RI 02914

Single - Family 

$259,900                    $260,000   
List Price                    Sale Price

Beds         Total Number of Rooms      Baths

  3                      5                 2

Amazing and stunning renovated 3 bed 2 full bath Ranch with integrated garage and full finished basement. This spacious home offers a modern kitchen and living area with an open layout and gorgeous flooring. Kitchen features new appliances and cabinets. Bright open space with sliders to your back deck and serene fenced in yard. Modern bathroom. Spacious beds. Lower level is totally finished with a full bath. Totally a turn key property. Off street parking and attached garage for one. Close to highways, MA line minutes to all shopping and amenities. Brand new boiler. 


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Light is a marvelous interior design tool. As a homeowner, you can use it to express your personality, set a mood, enhance your enjoyment of living spaces, and much more.

Beyond improving a home’s natural light, there are dozens of ways to boost interior spaces with lighting effects. It just requires a little imagination and a basic understanding of design techniques.

Light expands space. This is why small spaces can appear more substantial with the addition of bright lighting, light colors, and surfaces that reflect light, like mirrors. Likewise, dark colors and muted light sources can visually shrink a too-large space, making it feel cozier.

How can you bring lighting strategies into your home, like a pro?

Showcase Your Favorites

Light can also be used to direct someone’s attention because we automatically notice bright objects over darkened corners.

Photographers and artists frequently play with light to draw our eyes across their images in an intentional sequence, using light and shadows to focus our attention here, then there.

How can you employ this technique in your home?

Imagine walking into a room where a light shines on a framed painting, while the rest of the room is dimly lit. Will the painting appear to have special significance? Apparently, yes.

“Throwing a little light” on any object elevates its importance in the same way the star of a theatrical performance gets the spotlight.

For example, if you want to make your favorite fiddle-leaf fig tree more visually prominent, throw a spotlight on it—either a canned light that illuminates the leaves from below or a directional light from above that highlights its shiny leaves.

Or, go old school and wrap the tree with tiny white lights. Any of these techniques will be attention-getting.

Change the Mood

Creative lighting choices also alter a room’s atmosphere. For example, imagine a room with dozens of candles. Now imagine the same space, but replace the candles with strobe lights. It’s a significant shift in mood.

The intensity of light, as well as where the light falls on the color spectrum, changes the way a room “feels” when you are in it.

Blue-white, super-bright lights feel more sterile and powerful, whereas soft golden and lower-wattage lights bring warmth, relaxation, and a sensual mood to a room. (There’s a reason candlelight is considered romantic.)

When selecting a bulb, pay attention to where it falls on the color spectrum. Popular lighting options now include Edison-style bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LED bulbs, with substantial differences in color quality and energy efficiency.

Vintage style Edison bulbs provide warm yellow light, although you may need a lower-wattage version to achieve a genuinely soft glow. (Or install a dimmer switch.)

LEDs, on the other hand, are now available at every point on the warm-to-cool Kelvin scale of color temperatures—and in differing degrees of brightness.

Divide and Define

Beneficial lighting design in your home is about more than setting a mood and creating dramatic visual effects. Lighting also plays an essential supporting role in making spaces more functionally enjoyable.

Use lighting to subdivide a room into different purposes, such as visiting and relaxing, managing paperwork, or curling up with a good book.

Effective lighting design is particularly important in kitchens, where it must be visually attractive while also supporting various tasks. Under-cabinet lighting, island pendants, ceiling downlights, and track lighting all play vital roles.

Lighting decisions go far beyond selecting a style for a single overhead fixture. The way lighting is employed throughout your living spaces will impact every aspect of how your home looks, feels, and functions.

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38 Yale Avenue, Pawtucket, RI 02860

Single - Family 

$199,900                    $208,000   
List Price                    Sale Price

Beds         Total Number of Rooms      Baths

  3                      5                 1

Wonderful Three Bed ranch with hardwoods, newer roof, replacement windows, newer ductless heat/AC, fresh paint, and cozy living,Well maintained. Freshly painted kitchen with lots of space for cooking. Nice Open family room area with plenty of space for larger furniture. The home showcases a charming feeling throughout. Lower area perfect to finish for potential rec room. Workshop and storage space provides excellent space for your extra items.Great size outdoor living area provides an nice space for summer with handy storage shed. Updated mechanicals, Updated windows, New Front and Rear doors, nice size paved driveway offering plenty off street parking. Energy Efficient house with your choice of ductless heat/AC or Steam heat. 


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